The Chefs Table

The Chefs’ Table is a new addition to the bustling street of Chartwell Drive. Last week i was fortunate to be invited to a lovely evening ahead of their public opening. These are my thoughts.



What sets The Chefs’ Table apart from other restaurants, is their introduction of a unique and exciting concept in Durban.  The focal point of the restaurant is the expansive, open plan kitchen. Yes! this means you can see exactly how your meal is made which i feel adds a lot more pressure in the kitchen especially if something ought to go wrong however this is not so as Kayla Osborn , the head chef explains ‘It is a terrifying concept yet i really do believe that it’s the way forward in food’.


Watching Kayla work shows her dedication to creating exquisite dishes and her effortless plating skills leaves me in awe. This open plan kitchen concept is inspired by global food trends as well as fine dining restaurants in New York and I’m going to give it a big thumbs up.


They pride themselves by using fresh homegrown ingredients attained from local markets and farms.The food is an absolute visual and tasting experience. Each course is plated intricately with vibrant, colours and zesty ingredients which all serve a purpose in delivering a delectable dish that is satisfying with every bite.

starterplatesIMG_1300IMG_1283beef filletpsd

My favourite was the dessert , chocolate and popcorn! Sounds fairly simple? yet has so many burst of flavours. Decadent ,creamy chocolate drizzled with hints of sweet,warm caramel that melted away the layers to reveal pockets of popcorn. Sugar overload but what a lovely balance on the palette. I savored every bite!



Besides this restaurants philosophy and food. The way in which the restaurant is structured and decorated creates a warm ambiance, love the lighting and of course the wall art cannot go unnoticed, giving it a rustic urban feel.


Visit The Chefs’ Table, you won’t regret it!

Address: 23 $ 24 First Floor, Protea Mall, Chartwell Drive Umhlanga.

Call: 031 001 0200


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  1. Zail says:

    excellent stuff, pics look amazing 🙂

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