Pulling of prints is quite tricky, and for the most part that is why I shy away from them however this printed jacket caught my eye. I absolutely love it!Β Its bold and bright and it showcases my fun personality.


Pairing up prints come with risks,it can look rather odd or inappropriate if not executed just right. I opted to pair it with a tank top that is light pink, which brings out the little pink leaves in the jacket, enhancing it a bit without over powering the print along with simple loose black pants and sleek strappy nude heels. These heels are super comfy so they are perfect for all day wear.


  • Remember to pick colors that compliment your skin tone, light colours with bold prints wont overpower your look.
  • Try avoid mixing prints unless you are super confident that you can pull of the look.
  • There are a range of different prints, like kaleidoscope , which is a mixture of floral and geometric shapes. Its flattering in creating a slimmer waist.


Jacket: Mr Price

Top: Woolworths

Pants: Woolworths

Heels: Cotton on

Photography: Mohammed Ally – Doodlers Media , For booking :


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  1. whitney says:

    Hi Miss Flaneur…i am loving your blog and write up so informative.
    absolulety love the Lipstick shade, do you mind sharing the shade name ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Whitney! So glad you like it! It’s candy yum yum by mac!


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