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I have been MIA for a while now. I have been beating myself up for number of things.

I just could not seem to muster up the inspiration to write again and through all the obstacles I have been recently trying to overcome, it dawned on me that the only reason I started a blog was simply for escapism.

So to all you who’s, year hasn’t started the way you hoped, take a break, gather your thoughts and hopes and develop an alternate plan. Although you may feel emotionally worn out from all the effort, stay positive and keep striving because no situation is permanent!



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About this look: Tips to wear a casual jumpsuit

  1. Pair it up with your favorite pair of sneakers.
  2. Wear a solid color that complements your skin tone
  3. Loose fitted jumpsuit is sometimes more flattering
  4. If you can, pair it up with a blazer or belt it.
  5. Lastly make sure you wear a sassy , bold lipstick! IMG_2137

Jumpsuit: MR price |Sneakers: Superga

MUA: Michelle Kirsten |Bookings:

Photography: Blu Print Photography|Bookings: E-mail: Website:


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