Kangol Matte Mousse Foundation – Review

Earlier this week I received the Kangol Matte Mousse foundation to test. Although I am usually skeptical about new foundation brands to use, I can honestly say this product has impressed me.

These are reason as to why this should be become a part of your every day foundation

FullSizeRender 9  1. Coverage

This is a lightweight foundation, which provides full coverage. It’s the type of foundation that can easily even out your skin tone. What I really liked about this product has to be the texture, its soft, smooth and velvety.

   2. Application

If you are the type of women that is running late for work most mornings, like I am and usually don’t have the time for blending.This is the perfect product. The texture allows it to easily glide, blend and offer exceptional coverage. The warm tones offers a beautiful bronzy feel.

So how easy is it to apply?

Using your fingertips, apply a moderate amount and gently blend. You could also use a stippling brush that would create a flawless glowy complexion.

3. Lasting power

Foundations that do not over coverage for hours is really no benefit at all. Looking good all day should be no exception either. The Kangol Matte Mousse foundation offers about 6-8 hours coverage. This is ideal for a day at the office.

FullSizeRender 8

Shades available

Natural beige – Light

Caramel – Medium

Almond- Med-Dark

Cocoa- Dark

If you are scouting for a new foundation to try out, there is no doubt that the Kangol Matte Mousse should be on your short list.





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